Dirty Talk with Keliegh Butt

Friday July 21st, 2017

Johnny Depp's alleged extravagant spending included a whopping $7,000 couch from Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Depp bought the couch for his daughter Lily-Rose. The actor also allegedly charged more than $500,000 in rental fees for storage warehouses that hold his Hollywood collectibles and $17,000 in handbags and luggage at Prada. Depp's expenses were disclosed after a judge ordered his former business partners to reframe their arguments about his spending. Depp sued them for $25 million earlier this year, claiming they caused him to lose “tens of millions of dollars” over the years due to “gross misconduct.” They are countersuing.


The ex-boyfriend who supplied Madonna's unmentionables to an auction house isn't happy about the court order blocking the sale. Peter Shue tells doesn't think Madonna’s attempt at blocking his sale is going to fly, because he was given the used undies as a gift. In fact, he's of the opinion that if Madonna wants her panties back, she needs to pay up. "Madonna, if you want your panties, auction for them. Buy them from the auction place. I mean, if she wanted to contact me and buy them from me straight up, she can do that too. But I'm selling them."


Chris Noth, best known for playing "Mr. Big" on Sex and the City, can't believe that people are still talking about the HBO show that ended in 2004. "It’s the gift that keeps on giving I guess--or the stench that won’t get off me," he told reporters with a snicker at the premiere of his new series Manhunt: Unabomber. "I don't know which one you want to use. It was a phenomenon that I didn't expect.”


Tyga says he tried to warn Rob Kardashian about Blac Chyna before they got involved, but that Rob was blinded by love. "I told him, like, what he was gonna deal with. I told him like, 'Bro I was just with [Chyna] for three, four years. This is what you’re about to deal with.’” Tyga went on to explain that Chyna is a “good person,” but that “she didn’t have people to help guide her in her life.” Tyga shares 4-year-old son King Cairo with Chyna.

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