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That “time standing still” feeling—the sense that
this was meant to be—runs through the story
of Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine.

The “x” in their name is pronounced “and” but it could also be said to
represent the multiplying effect that the two artists have had on one
another since day one. The musical possibilities increase many times
over when Elijah and Jamie get together.
It’s a cliché but it’s true: Elijah (instrumentalist/composer) and Jamie
(lyricist/vocalist) complete each other creatively. Jamie admits to being
the more emotional of the two and is well aware of how Elijah’s focus
provides the counterbalance needed to stay the course.
The project began when Elijah heard Jamie’s soulful and arresting
vocals on a track recorded by a friend. Immediately he knew. Four days
later the two were together in his studio, where they soon learned to
fearlessly challenge each other.
Passionate, confident, and driven, Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine are in no
rush pursuing stardom. They’re happy to trust themselves, their bond,
and the musical multiplication effect that continues to expand the
creative process.
“We start out in completely different places when writing material but
always end up together in a new place,” says Jamie.
“It’s not compromise,” adds Elijah. “It just happens.”
It just happens. Exactly as if it was meant to be.

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