Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'd like to make a REQUEST on the radio.... what number do I call?
A: You need to call the HITS Line at 709-724-4487.
Q: I'd like to PARTICIPATE in an on-air CONTEST .... what number do I call?
A: You need to call the HITS Line at 709-724-4487.
Q: I'd like to inquire about PURCHASING advertising on your station... who do I contact?
Q: I'd like to send in my press release... where do I send it?
A: You can fax in your press release to 709.726.4663 or e-mail
Please take note: Due to the volume of press releases we receive on a daily basis, we will contact only those that we are able to mention.
Q: I'd like to submit a birthday greeting... where do I send it?
A: You can send birthday greetings to 709.726.5590 or e-mail  Birthday greetings air weekday mornings at 8:20 so make sure you get them in on time.  
Q: I'm an ARTIST and would like to submit my CD to HITS FM. Who should I address the package to?
A: Please send your package to the following address:
99.1 HITS FM
ATTN: Music Director
391 Kenmount Road 
St. John's, NL
A1B 3P5 
Q: I heard a commercial on your station recently, but I didn't get all the details. Can you tell me more about it?
A: We'd be happy to! E-mail the description of the commercial to and we'll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible!
Q: Can you donate prizing for my community/charity event?
A: All prizing requests are also reviewed on a case by case basis. Feel free to e-mail us a formal prizing request. Click Here to e-mail them now! Be sure to include the specific event info and charity cause. You can also fax your requests to 709.726.4663. We try our absolute best to get back to every request, however due to the volume, sometimes we are unable to.
Q: Who owns 99.1 HITS FM?
A: We're are owned and operated by NewCap Inc. Check out their site at for more information
Q: How can I apply for a JOB at 99.1 HITS FM?
A: The best thing is to send your audition package to the station directly. But if you like, you can also e-mail your resume to Be sure to indicate the position you are applying for. Or you can come see us to drop off your resume.
Q: But do you have any job openings?
A: Not currently... but we keep all applicants on file for when we do have an opening! We're always looking for great potential.
Q: I won a prize several months ago... is it still there for me to pick up?
A: Prizing is available for pick-up 30 days from the date you win. Prizing is not guaranteed after 30 days.
Q: How do I make a song request?
A: Give us a call on the HITS Line at 709-724-4487! We'll try our best!
Q: Can you play (insert song title here)?
A: Sure! We'll try our best! We can't however guarantee that your song will be played. 
Q: Can you play it next?
A: We'll try... but we can't guarantee it because we literally receive thousands of request daily! SERIOUSLY!
Q: Oh... there's this song... and it goes like "do do da da yo yo" - do you know what song that is?
A: Uh... not at this very moment - but try e-mailing your song description (be as specific as possible when referring to words in the song) call us at 709-724-4487 and sing it to one of the jocks! Hopefully we'll be able to help you out!

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